What Makes A Tech Blog 'Successful'?

Success is a subjective term. Most of us, however, believe that success equates to fame and fortune. We hold ourselves to such a high standard that we never reach an adequate level of success. This is why we tend to give up on some things that we enjoy doing, and my goal is to become a consistent blogger. I don't want to give up. So, how will I know if my tech blog is successful?

A simple measure of success

One of the things that I have had to learn is that I will need to be flexible. My life gets busy, and I get tired. Sometimes I get too stressed to think. My simple measure of success will be to write a minimum of two to four blogs a month. If I do more than that, it will be a bonus!

My other measure of success will be whether my blogs reach an audience. I want to share things that I have learned and help other newbie programmers understand concepts that gave me trouble in the beginning. Tutorials are fun to write, but I don't want to throw code at people without explaining what the code means and why it's working the way it does.

In a month, I hope to accomplish...

Because I am also attending a coding bootcamp right now, it will be difficult to write as many blogs as I would like. My plan is to write as many blogs as I am able to get out until the end of my program. Then I intend to pick up my pace and submit more blog posts.

I plan to have at least five or six blog posts written by the end of this month. Most of them will be short, but I will work on longer posts in the future. I have learned so much about full-stack web development over the past few months between my apprenticeship and coding bootcamp that it's exciting how everything is beginning to make sense. I want to share what I have learned and help it "click" for someone else who may be struggling to get started.

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